care hydration


Reflect the caring side of your setting, as hydrated residents will have a better quality of life in your care and cost you less long term in staff time. How? Well, the trick is to offer them drinks that appeal, through-out your home.

Be that a wide variety of juices served from a dispenser like the Eskimo, alongside delicious, calorific boosting smoothies or super smoothies in the dining areas allowing residents to either help themselves or be easily served by staff.  Or use with jugs from our range to serve directly onto tables or into bedrooms. Why not boost your residents protein intake with our new Frezz protein orange and apple juice with 11.03g of protein per 150ml? Find out more about the difference our Frezz protein drink can make.

For more information, download our infographic on the impact hydration can have on reducing falls and it’s impact on the overall cost of care.


  • Care Home Resident Using Eskimo Dispenser from Oranka Juice Solutions
  • Frezz Orange and Protein
  • Serving Care Home Resident Orange Juice from Oranka Juice Solutions

“By offering Oranka Juice Solutions juices and smoothies we’re able to give our residents a nutritious and natural drink, which they find more appetising than water.”

Sue Ullman, Chief Executive, Harrogate Neighbours Housing Association


Eskimo set up video

See how low maintenance, simple, safe and secure, the Eskimo is. A compact, reliable dispenser which is HACCP compliant, easily moved around and can even be popped in the dishwasher.