breakfast service


Give your guests the very best start to their day with our vast range of premium, quality juices and smoothies.

Full Service Hotels

Scale up your breakfast juice offering with ready to drink premium juices and smoothies. Mix it up with delicious seasonal flavours and enjoy greater gross profit from the finest smoothies. While also having the opportunity to add a stylish touch to your dispensing solutions with a number of upgradable options.

Work in partnership with Oranka

  • Create a point of difference – add colour
  • Upgrade Tetra Pak Orange concentrate to our premium NFC Orange Nectar by combining with 1+19 Cloudy Apple/Apple and the 1+19 Redberry juice drink

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Focus Service Hotels

Enjoy juice on tap with incredibly easy to use dispensing solutions for either front or back of house. Benefit from a plumbed-in refrigerated chilled dispenser with integrated water filter and separate water tap.

Create up to 95% less packaging waste

  • 95% reduction in storage space required
  • Minimised transportation emissions with a reduction in electricity consumption and product wastage

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Where juices and smoothies are concerned, we are in the know and can help you along the way, on how best to present them with a tailored dispensing option.

  • Glass Finesse Dispenser with Fruit from Oranka Juice Solutions
  • Guava and Melon Smoothie in Walnut Juice Cube
  • Noir Dispenser

“The Arora Group prides itself on quality, which is why we are delighted to work with Oranka Juice Solutions, as they reflect these principles in their juices, their dispensing solutions and their customer care.”

Bartosz Delikat, Senior Group Purchasing Manager
The Arora Group