Orange Juice with Collars

Go retail by encouraging customers to help themselves...

Be that from help themselves self pour, Grab 'n' Go or enticing them with the Hydration Station. All celebrate a myriad of delicious drinks and seasonal flavours. A rainbow riot of colours when displayed, the range available includes traditional and more unusual juices, smoothies and hydration juices.  Great as part of a breakfast or lunch meal deal, the Grab 'n' Go concept features recyclable bottles and the award winning FSC certified Pop-Up Cup.

Whatever your concept, these tried and tested formats work equally well in leisure venues, coffee shops and staff dining, not to forget independent schools.

"The Grab 'n' Go concept offers a quality nutritious drinks range. Easy to use, even in our busy environment; we are able to offer customers a diverse and interesting choice of flavours, coupled with appealing and enticing colours."

Eric Lanlard, Proprietor of Cake Boy Boutique and Award Winning Master Patissier