grab 'n' go


Well as the name suggest…the bottle concept for customers on the move.  This easily rivals high street branded juices and smoothies without the price tag for the customer. But even more importantly, delivers much better margins for you.

Simply fill our 150ml, 200ml or 250ml recyclable bottles with your choice of juices or smoothies from our ready to drink range, lock on the safety lid and add you label (either branded or use our tailored unbranded ones). Display a number of enticing flavours and colours together and off you go. Alternatively, use our highly sustainable and innovative Pop-Up Cup which is 100% leak free with the cardboard and plastic inner bag easily separated post use, enabling each of the materials to be easily recycled.

  • Highly sustainable Oranka Pop Up Cup

“The Grab ‘n’ Go concept is easy to use, even in our busy environment and we are able to offer customers a diverse and interesting choice of flavours coupled with appealing and enticing colours.”

Eric Lanlard, Proprietor of Cake Boy Boutique and Award Winning Master Patissier