Pat on our backs! AA Grade awarded for our BRC Storage and Distribution audit

We are just so chuffed to announce that we have recently passed our BRC Storage and Distribution audit with AA Grade. OK so that may not sound like the most interesting of subjects, but in our business it is so important as this standard looks to ensure that product integrity is maintained throughout the storage and distribution process.

To give you an idea, we managed to make sure that everything lined up, all the relevant paperwork was completed and everyone knew what they had to know. Some of the areas covered by the standard include:

  • Senior management commitment
  • Continuous improvement
  • Hazard & risk analysis
  • Quality management system
  • Site & building standards
  • Vehicle operating standards
  • Facility management
  • Good operating practices
  • Personnel

It involved a complete audit which given the nature could not be taken lightly, so with the help of CFS, we reached BRC compliance in all these areas and received the highest achievable grade for Storage and Distribution. A pat on our backs, we say! And we look forward to continuing this operation standard and more importantly maintaining the highest level of food safety for our customers.