Orange and apple juice is no longer a given for a hospitality drinks offering

People are a discerning bunch! They know what they like and what they want, which is why it can be such a challenge to create an appealing drinks offering. The tradition of the hospitality industry particularly for breakfast has been to offer the usual, familiar flavours of orange and apple juice. However, there is a shift happening as customers and guests are increasingly being tantalised by flavour variety. But, how do you tackle this, from a venue’s perspective?

The solution is to re-think the approach. Granted there will always be a place for a traditional line-up of juices; however even in the juice arena intrigue for new flavours is stretching the boundaries. With ever increasing time pressures, a focus on health and the need to reduce food waste, venues are seeking alternatives. Whether this is buying in ready to drink juices and smoothies that can be served from dispensers like Juice Cubes or offering alternative hydrating drinks such as Hydration Juice.  This is where more and more intriguing flavours are entering the realm, such as Green Tea and Lemon, Peach or Rhubarb.  Clever presentation with supporting POS highlighting the benefits can reap long term financial rewards, particularly with these hydrating concentrate juice drinks. The added benefits are that these juice drinks are generally naturally lower in sugar and high in vitamin C, so catering managers are able to offer enticing flavours, while also responding to concerns about sugar content.

Balance this with a ready to drink juice or smoothie which can be self-served in a glass from a stylish dispenser like Oranka’s Juice Cube and you have a perfect way of offering the same drink but in two different ways to suit the customer’s needs. Whether they are taking time to sit and eat or are flying onto their next meeting they have the choice they want, in a format that suits.

As Troy Smith, Managing Director of Oranka Juice Solutions suggests;

“Interestingly, we are discovering that more and more venues want to deliver the best of both worlds to their customers. Something that is appealing for those that have time to dwell, sitting alongside the same drink product but in a bottle format for those with limited time to spare.The challenge is creating something that works for both the customer and the operator.  But, by offering a few favourite juices or smoothies, such as Strawberry or even super smoothie flavours like Mango, Rosehip and Goji Berry either from a dispenser or in a Grab ‘n’ Go bottle you are delivering a vitamin packed drink to meet these demands.”