Going dark…with the NEW Noir Dispenser and shelf

Well we are going dark…but seriously stylish!

That is everything that our brand new, modern Noir dispenser delivers. If you’re looking for a unique combination of the latest look, practicality and style, then this is the juice and smoothie dispenser for your venue.

Using Oranka’s extensive dispensing and presentation experience, we are delighted to bring to the market this latest dispenser. It offers a 6 litre capacity and integral ice core, carefully designed to keep drinks cool. It works perfectly on its own with a single juice or smoothie drink, or for added presence in groups with various flavours. There is also a linking shelf for integrated displays of fruit, glasses, signage and more. This slots easily between two dispensers and is easy to remove, when needing to move or adjust displays.

The dispenser is vailable as a chargeable upgrade of £75 +VAT, with free replacement glass for life, provided tap is retained and Oranka products used.