HRC2020 to show environmental benefits of Oranka

Who doesn’t want to do their bit? Always thinking about the environment, Oranka Juice Solutions have long provided effective ways to reduce packaging, which in turn has lowered emissions and reduced the cost of distribution. This will be a key feature of their presence at HRC2020 and why they are launching an infographic revealing the ways their products can help.

Oranka have always actively aimed to reduce the environmental impact for the hospitality businesses they work with. The facts are that using their products creates up to 95% less waste than the Tetra Pak equivalent, which means that storage space is equally reduced. In addition a significant consequence is that transportation emissions and electricity for refrigerated storage are also reduced, as unopened product is easily kept at ambient temperatures.

In terms of grab ‘n’ go options; the market place is quite rightly driving a strong desire to encourage a recycle approach. Apparently four items of waste packaging is generated for every lunch purchased (Note *1). This is scary when combined with 64% (Note *1) saying they buy lunch on the go more now than they did five years ago. The consequence of which is that while more and more consumers want to actively contribute to a sustainable future, even greater demands will be placed on greener packaging.

Lunchtimes continue to be the most popular times for grabbing a meal on the go, with meal deals offering competitive packages both on the high street but also within corporate and leisure venues. The challenge now, particularly with drinks that have traditionally been served in single use plastic bottles, is to offer a container which is more environmentally friendly. Green Solutions Magazine last year highlighted that compostable and biodegradable products will become more prominent on shelves. This is particularly pertinent as unfortunately statistics show that people prefer a true ‘on the go’ solution and do not want the inconvenience of carrying a cup around. As Troy Smith, Managing Director of Oranka Juice Solutions says;

“It is clear from our observations and feedback from the market that there is a significant desire to move towards offering a more environmental approach in every aspect of the hospitality chain. There are some great alternatives out there, however there needs to be a shift in attitudes in terms of what people are used to.”

He continues: “Aside from the overall benefits of using Oranka juices and smoothies in terms of reduced packaging and emissions, Oranka also tackled it head on with launching a highly sustainable and innovative drinks packaging for grab ‘n’ go a couple of years ago. The Pop-Up Cup with its FSC certified, cardboard outer and bag inside can easily be separated and easily recycled. It works great for juices and smoothies being prepared and chilled on-site, either as part of a venue’s take-away or meal deal.”

What’s more; with Oranka it’s easy to make a little difference and what is delivered for the environment is also better for the bottom line. This is why their presence at HRC2020 on stand F702 will have a specific area dedicated to how Oranka can help many hotel, restaurant and catering operations address the significant environmental concerns in the sector.

SOURCE: *1 OOH Magazine May 2019
SOURCE:*2 Green Solutions Magazine June 2019