Grab ‘n’ Go is now a necessity, not a convenience

The Grab and Go phenomenon has never been more prominent than it is now. As leisure and hospitality venues pivot to take advantage of what sales they can, many are turning to this as a solution; while others are forced to as local restrictions get tighter. However, there is research suggesting that market value is set to shrink by 29% in 2020, taking it down to £15bn*.

Troy Smith, Managing Director of Oranka Juice Solutions says, “The difference at the moment is that businesses are shifting their approach and Grab and Go is an obvious way to maintain a level of service. In fact for some they would never have considered it as an option previously, but are recognising that it offers a solution while limiting exposure for customers and teams.”

He continues; “Whereas it used to all be about convenience, there is a new dynamic as we tackle the pandemic and people are wanted food to go to limit their risk of exposure. That is why pre-filled cartons and bottles are leading the way, particularly for juices and smoothies. These options offer versatility and low contact and so will help the market evolve and hopefully shift into a more positive position.”

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SOURCE: Lumina Intelligence UK Food To Go Market Report 2020 Update