GET FRUITY with school compliant juices and smoothies

Nothing like a refreshing, delicious chilled juice! Many kids love it and will potentially actively opt for it rather than a sugary, carbonated drink. Packed with vitamin goodness, it delivers one of their five a day and yet many schools struggle to offer a quality option because of compliancy concerns.

While it may feel complicated the great news is, it doesn’t have to be with Oranka’s fruit juices and smoothies. Any of ours (yes that’s right – any!) that have more than 45% fruit content are compliant. But what does that actually mean? Well from our product range you could choose any one of our 1+9 juice in the Orange, Apple, Multi-Vitamin or Redberry flavour (sadly not the Cranberry). Or even venture into our 1+4, 1+5 or ready to drink premium juice ranges which are all school compliant (apart from that cheeky Cranberry again!).  In fact all 100% fruit juices are school compliant when offered as a 150ml serving. While mixed juice drinks, with a minimum fruit content of 45% can even be served in a hydration busting 330ml serving.

So, if you fancy a little bit of fruitiness and school compliancy, find out more with our latest leaflet