Exciting Partnership with Runwood Homes & Sanders Senior Living

Rolling out to all care homes across the Runwood Homes and Sanders Senior Living estates, is Oranka’s Hydration Care Concept. This will be in prime position for Nutrition and Hydration Week, which starts on the 13th of March. The aim is to encourage greater hydration, provide a noticeable increase in activity levels and see an increase in vital vitamin intake.

The hydration juice is specifically made for the care environment. It is made with 20% real fruit juice, containing added vitamin C with 200ml delivering 50% of the recommended daily allowance (RDA). The juice is also suitable for diabetics, with just 2% sugar and no preservatives.

All homes will receive three cases of juice (Apple, Orange and Redberry) along with 3 glass dispensers complete with stands, drip trays and display cards. They will also be using fill line jugs to mix the juice and serve in different environments around the homes too.

Oranka juices not only provide positive health benefits and vital nutrients, but are a sustainable solution in comparison to the current suppliers to the homes. They require 95% less packaging and 95% less storage resulting in less packaging waste and a better use of time and resources.

The sustainable and environmentally friendly solution will not only be a positive contribution to the reduction of global emissions, but an addition to greater hydration and nutrition at Runwood Homes.

Troy Smith, Managing Director of Oranka, said:

“Oranka Juice Solutions are absolutely delighted to be working with Runwood Homes, with our celebrated Hydration Care Concept. Designed to actively improve residents’ hydration levels. It is centred around a mix of juices and smoothies, enticingly dispensed; with the objective being to encourage greater fluid intake and increase appeal. The results are healthier residents, reduced UTIs and other ailments, along with a noticeable increase in activity levels and vital vitamin intake.”