Broaden your offering with a grab and go breakfast and brunch option

From cafes and restaurants to even hotels, more and more venues are seeing a shift in their breakfast and brunch proposition. The option for breakfast on the go has never been greater, particularly for portable offerings with perceived health credentials. With many wanting to maximise their time, the pace of life means that people are often keen to multi-task in every aspect of their lives. Wrongly or rightly, this includes eating breakfast. Granted there are often the occasions when people enjoy taking their time and dwelling on their breakfast dining experience, but this additional desire offers an interesting opportunity to now broaden the casual dining repertoire.

Quality dining venues are now able to compete with the more traditional grab and go outlets on the high street and potentially offer greater value for money for a superior offering. The key is to maintain simplicity, so it does not disrupt normal service and to carefully pitch the price to be competitive. Even offering a croissant or pastry with a nutritious juice, smoothie or coffee can be more appealing than tackling the typical high street rivals for a similar offering.

As the website highlights*: “…there are many opportunities to develop new innovative ways to create tasty, convenient, nutritious breakfasts that allow for people on the go to eat a greater variety of foods to help meet their nutritional requirements. Whilst time may be limited for many in the morning, Variety is King in helping consumers achieve adequate nutrient intake.”

A juice and smoothie grab and go concept enables you to rival branded juices and drinks while in turn also generating excellent returns.

This is similarly echoed by Troy Smith, Managing Director of Oranka Juice Solutions who says, “Our convenient Grab ‘n’ Go concept offers a quality, nutritious drinks range. You can simply fill the 150ml, 200ml or 250ml recyclable bottles, lock on the safety lid and add your own personalised label. This adds to the ability to create the look and feel of a home-made product with limited hassle. Easy to use, even in a busy environment; the unopened product only requires ambient storage and once opened has a refrigerated shelf life of 30 days. As a result, our customers across the catering spectrum are increasingly offering a diverse and interesting choice of flavours through our Grab ‘n’ Go option.” 

*SOURCE: April 2016 website article on ‘A Health Check on New Breakfast Opportunities’ (