juice cube


Take it up a notch with the Juice Cube – perfect for a premium offering of juices and smoothies. Anything from the ready to drink ranges - not from concentrate juices, freshly pressed juices or even freshly pressed cloudy lemonade and smoothies.

Encased in a smart oak or walnut wooden crate with integral drip tray, each is supplied with ice packs and interchangeable carved wooden signage.  Simply insert the 5 litre bag into the flip top box, pile the top with fresh fruit to add to that first class look and it’s ready for service.

  • Multi Vitamin Drink in Juice Box
  • Walnut Cube

“Oranka Juice Solutions came up with a great product range including smoothies, and a dispensing solution that really suited very different environments.”

Steve Munkley, Executive Chef at the 5-Star Royal Garden Hotel, Kensington and Vice President of the Craft Guild of Chefs